Novox NCX

NOVOX NCX is a professional, digital USB microphone loaded with 3 condenser capsules. Thanks to high-grade analog-to-digital converters you are able to record any sound material in studio quality. 
4 recording patterns delivers complete versatility for a wide range of applications.


Plug&Play technology allows your computer to automatically and immediately detect and install microphone just after connecting it to the USB port. NCX is compatible with PC and Mac operating systems


Whatever the needs, NOVOX NCX fully meets expectations of all users.


Even more fun. Install the speaker system and NOVOX NCX microphone to move game action to your room


Any youtuber beginner or with experience can be heard like recorded in a professional recording studio.


Skype chats or online conference has never been easier.


With NOVOX NCX, you can record any acoustic instrument or vocals in studio quality.

Robust build quality

Solid, aluminium construction is integrated with a stable base. The standard socket allows you to attach NCX to every microphone stand.

Adjustable angle

adapt angle of the microphone to best suit your position

Built-in 3 capsules are capable of 4 different recording pattern configurations:


microphone picks up sound at the front and isolatates unwanted sounds from the back and sides


microphone picks up sound from the front and rear


microphone picks up sound equally from all directions


microphone picks up sound in the stereo mode

Sensitivity of the microphone is adjustable. Controlled by the built-in potentiometer allows microphone to be adapted to the ambient conditions


The mini-jack headphone output accommodates any monitoring headphone for monitoring in real time.

Turn off your microphone with MUTE button. LED will change from blue to red colour indicating that mic is off.